Book Cover Designing Services

Most people would say sarcastically to not judge the book by the cover, this can be true as a sarcastic reference, but the fact is, real books can be judged by their cover to some extent, so the cover should be designed to explain the content, books are written after investing lot of time and effort. So, the real justice to the effort happens when the content is presented nicely, we at i-Cons can create a perfect book cover to make the book's first impression be the best.

Our team of outsourced book cover designing experts can assist authors by designing the content cover and help them achieve their publishing dreams, we can design covers for Digital publishing and also for Print publishing, within 10 days after you place your order, we can deliver 3 draft designs to choose from and then enhance the chosen design and optimize it based on your creativity. We are specialized in book cover designing, formatting the layout, and provide high-quality output to attract the attention of the readers.

We aim to reduce the store shelf life of the book and decorate the readers' shelves, any book cover designed in an alluring way and drag the attention of the reader. We believe book covers can also create interest in reading books.

We can assist the publishers with…
  • Designing Book Cover
  • Drawing Illustrations
  • Formatting and Layout
  • Developing Book Trailor’s
  • Posters and Flyers